DeFun Jackson

Posted: December 13, 2010 in sports
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Who saw DeSean Jackson fall backwards into the endzone Sunday for 6?  I did.  Who thought it was an unsportsmanlike or mean-spirited?  I didn’t.  In fact, the only thing that irks me about DeSean celebrating an amazing 91 yard touchdown is that he was flagged for excessive celebration.  Even Colinsworth said it on TV, you’re allowed to dive into the endzone, so Jackson didn’t actually do anything wrong at all.  The NFL is just way too serious these days.  I think all the safety concerns and worry for concussions is all great and the league is doing a good job of reducing harm, but when it comes to restricting celebrations, c’mon, man!  Giving the Cowboys 15 yards on the kickoff because DeFastestguyintheleague celebrated a touchdown by himself within the confines of the NFL rulebook makes about as much sense as the English in this picture I took in China:

But seriously, if the Cowboys have any beef with DeSean simply falling into the end zone, not even taunting Cowboy players, then learn to tackle or cover him.  If that’s too hard for the boys, I guess they could always pull a Jets and trip the guy with one of the sideline coaches.  The NFL would rack up even more dolla billz than it already does if it lightened up a little–even using the ball as a prop for a celebration is illegal.  The player just worked his butt of for a touchdown, does using the ball as a prop hurt the league in any way shape or form?  I for one love seeing awesome touchdown celebrations and think every player in the league, on their off day, should watch film of Bengals games to learn how to celebrate touchdowns.   I mean, Carson Palmer has thrown so many pick 6’s this season that there has to be a good celebration from the opposing defense somewhere in there.  Excessive celebrations are not only fun to watch, but shouldn’t they encourage the opposing team not to give up a touchdown their next time out?  It’s a plus plus move for the NFL to let the players have some fun.

  1. JUJUBEE NICELY DONE!! preetttty sweet blog too
    ps i like the china sign hahah

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