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Posted: December 13, 2010 in sports
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I’m currently watching the NFL evolve faster than Brett Favre’s career in the past 10 or so months, which can be summed up by this video:

Seriously, the NFL’s rapid movement into a fashionable modern day league is incredible.  Look at Kieth Bulluck’s 2010 facemask for instance;  have you ever seen this menacing of a facemask prior to this season?

Yo Master Kieth, you get sniper and overshield i’ll get active camo and rockets.

Kieth Bulluck’s facemask isn’t the only fashionable NFL movement.  Starting in 2012, Nike will be dressing the teams with some of the coolest looking jerseys around.  Imagine Tom Brady wearing this (even though its fan made)!!  I’m going to have to switch from focusing on his hair to his arm to his jersey!  My head will explode!

All 2012 fan made prototype jerseys can be found here:

Anyway, the point is is that the NFL is changing right before our eyes.  So doesn’t that mean that the silly motions the refs make every game should change too?  Make these poor guys look a little less goofy, Goodell.  Look at the current motions!


Don’t tell me this doesn’t look ridiculous

False start

At least if the NFL does indeed have a lockout next year the refs will be well qualified for another job:

Illegal touching

If you really want to play head shoulders knees and toes, go back to the place you found that Wheels on the Bus job.


What was the NFL thinking when they determined this would be the motion for encroachment or offsides?  Every time a ref calls offsides I half expect that zebra on the field is about to shout “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!”

Ineligible Receiver

Congrats NFL, you made the refs halfway capable of doing what this girl is trying to do:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NFL, update your old school traditions that you haven’t revisited since you established them.  Or leave them in the game for my amusement and for the humiliation of those poor poor referees.

  1. 4TEA5 says:

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