More Rex Ripping

Posted: December 26, 2010 in sports
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After a few days of nice holiday time with my family, I’m back to doing what I do best:  drink haterade and sh*t on New York.  So here’s a lame joke to kick things off:

What’s the difference between a normal guy with a foot fetish and Rex Ryan?

Rex Ryan is ridiculously obese and coaches a crap football team.

Shouldn’t we have known this all along though?  Or at least had a hunch?  I did snipe these two photos of Rex…

Here he was at practice or something sniffing out someone’s foot.  Judging by the yellowy hue of the appendage, my expert analysis suggests the foot belongs to an Asian person.

Here he is actually taking considerable chunks out of the victim!!  That has to be at least two suggested serving sizes.

Anyway, shouldn’t Rex be focusing on yelling at Braylon Edward-brickhands for dropping balls?  Or yelling at Revis Peninsula for tricking us into believing his “island” stranded opposing WRs and they would be trapped?  Or how about LT for straight up just being a D-bag?  Sucks for him, he has a foot fetish and he coaches a FOOTball team!  We should actually give him credit for posting up an inflated, false, but nevertheless, playoff worthy 10-5 record so far.  If I had a foot fetish and had to coach 53 men (that’s 106 feet) who are often barefoot in the locker room, my head would explode before the regular season even started.  I have no idea how he pulls it off… but I do have an idea for how to reduce Rex Ryan’s waist from 960 inches to a normal size:

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