Nelly vs. Steve Smith (Panthers)

Posted: January 1, 2011 in sports
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So we’re three hours into 2011 when I’m writing this, but this realization I had took all of 2010 to surface.  The realization that Nelly and Steve Smith of the Panthers are the same exact person.  Look:


They look quite similar, no?  However, if you look extra extra closely, you will notice that there is absolutely no difference at all.  They look exactly the same.  It’s no wonder why Nelly owns at all of the celebrity all-star games for pro sports.  It also explains why Nelly rapped “Heart of a Champion” and said “that’s why I’m back up at the Superbowl – with Julius Peppers” (Back when Peppers was on the Panthers.)  It all makes sense now!  Wait, actually it doesn’t.  Since when does Steve Smith have the blood of a champion pumpin’ deep inside his veins, too much pride to be runnin’?  Steve Smith has won jack diddly squat.  I don’t like Steve Smith.


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