What the balls?!?!?!

Posted: January 28, 2011 in sports
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I just learned that the Packers have not trailed by more than 7 points at any time this season.  You’re telling me they lost six games this season, and at no point were they two possessions away from tying or taking the lead?  Aaron Rodgers could have tied the game with one drive every time the Packers were losing?  Yup.  Super Bowl lock.  Just give ’em the belts now and get it over with.  But while we wait… more Rodgers faces!!!!  YAY!

Look at my hands.  They’re saying, “Was that a serious f*cking question?  You must be joking right?”  Oh man, reporters are sofa king stupid.


Still thinking of a caption… I got nothin’.



I know I’m being photographed right now… so I’m gonna give that half smirk half focus look… and I’m purposely not going to look at the camera.  You all know what I’m talking about.


Because a photograph cannot play audio, I will let my facial expression tell the viewer I am screaming “OHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH.”


Check it out, I’m Batman.

I swear, Aaron Rodgers knows when photographers are taking pictures of him.

  1. alan says:

    andrroooo, dis funny

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