So I’ve been slacking big time…

Posted: March 15, 2011 in sports

But it’s not my fault sports suck balls!  The NFL sucks.  The Celtics suck.  The Bruins suck.  Not my fault!  I have little to zero interest in writing about the lockout, because in all likeliness my eyes’ forecast calls for crying with a chance of moping isolation.  And I don’t want to write about the Celtics because I miss Perk and Nate.  And evidently so do the Celtics (although Krstic is exceeding expectations so far.)  And the B’s?  Winless in the past four games after a seven game win streak that edged them to just two points behind the phucking Philly flyers for first place in the East.  Such a god damn tease.  Honestly, if a team is going to finish second or third in the final standings, don’t throw false hopes out there.  It’s like every non-goal in soccer.  *Gasp* *bigger gasp* *GASP* *BIG ASS GASP* “WHOAAAA!!”  (at this point you’re halfway out of your seat) but then comes the inevitable “awww,” as you sink back into your couch.  The shot sailed 50 feet over the goal.  And the Bruins fail to claim first, only to drop behind the Caps.  Stupid sports.

So while sports are in the shitter, I choose to tough it out and write as little as possible until Boston once again reigns atop the professional realm.  And until the NFL resumes normal football activity.  The only silver lining in this is that BU made the NCAA tourney as a 16 seed.  Now I know what it feels like to be a part of a really complex organized joke.  But a Terrier would rip a Jayhawk to shreds in real life.

  1. ameli000 says:

    “A really complex organized joke.” –> Golden.

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