This Just In: Odds of Patriots Superbowl Victory Now 1:1

Posted: July 29, 2011 in sports

And every other team’s odds are now 0.  I mean the Albert Haynesworth deal was great to see at my soulcrushing job.  It was a pleasure a bright light.  But then I’m hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range, absolutely crushing balls pure and straight, having a blast, and my buddy texts me “PATRIOTS <3.”  So I go to on my phone and instantly needed a change of pants.  Best half hour span ever.  Some of the greatest news I’ve heard in a while from the NFL (lockout lift aside.  let’s just put the entire lockout behind us.)

Have you ever been so happy you can’t control your smile?  like your face muscles just develop a mind of their own and no matter what, you can’t help but show youre teeth?  That was me.  Moving on to practicing my abysmal chipping and decent putting, with my mouth looking like a silhouette of an upward facing banana.  Because at that moment, I knew, that 14-2 last year was nothing compared to what we can do this year.

Haynesworth first.  Great value, an absolute steal for a 2013 fifth rounder.  Not 2012, not a fourth rounder, not a third rounder, but a 2013 fifth rounder.  I mean, who gives a flying blankety blank about a fifth round pick?  Great great deal.   I don’t know how much he’ll play or what packages he’ll play in, but I do know the big dude can make a big difference.  Whether its lining him up at nosetackle and Wilfork at D end, or running a 4 down linemen D with both at nosetackle, a Wilfork-Haynesworth combo would be deadly.  With something probably close to 700lbs, it’s a running team’s nightmare.  Two giant guys just eating up the middle of the fied, relieving linebackers and allowing for them to play more of an edge game and seal those outside plays.

But that probably won’t happen, because most likely, Haynesworth will be a sub and play when the starting line is winded and catching a breath.  Which will also be primo.  He can make drive stopping 3rd down plays and apply some serious blockage on that line, providing consistent D line work, rather than having the first line D line do that plugging, only to have the second line choke up a big play.  A nice addition either way of either going for straight murkage if he plays with Vince, or consistency if he plays as a sub.  Wonderful pickup.


If Ochocinco can’t wear number 85 because TE Aaron Hernandez is already 85, he shouldn’t change his name back to Johnson.  Instead he should keep Ochocinco, not in honor of his number, but in honor of the Patriots’ average points per game.  What a beautiful move by Belichick here, giving up just a fifth and six rounder in 2012 and 2013.  It’s like he swindles the NFL and cheats the system.  In fact, Belichick should probably be arrested for grand theft aging seemingly washed up personality issue NFL player.

I can see this move paying off big time.  Little consequence, even less risk, but huge benefit.  Expected value (EV) for this trade is like +1 billion.  Hashtag I’mAsianandgoodatmath #Twitterhastaughtmetoreadwithoutspaces.  But seriously, Ochocinco fits the Patriot system like a Cinderalla shoe.


Here’s why this deal could actually turn out better than the Randy Moss deal:

Moss’ receiving ability had one setting: run a fly route outside the numbers on the field. Snap the ball and run straight. Otherwise, he’s probably one of the worst route runners in the NFL. Think about 07 when he caught 23 touchdowns. How many of them were in the middle of the field? Almost all of them were along the sideline catch where he either circus catches or he’s wide open and streaking because of 10′ long legs and 4.3 speed. Other than the deep threat, he was actually pretty much useless.  Too skinny and brittle to play physically, too wise to run a slant or a drag (give him credit, he’s a smart guy for staying away from injury.)  And it was nice for 1 year, but then Cassel took over for a year, Brady had to still recover in 2009, and by the time last year rolled around Moss had lost a step and wasnt the same. Speed goes with age.

Ochocinco, on the other hand, can utilize the entire field and is one of the BEST route runners in the NFL. If every part of his WR game failed, he would still be wide open. And that doesn’t fade with age. You can’t lose the ability to mentally know where to go because of deteriorating physical ability. Physically maybe he’ll be a little slower, but still astute enough to know how to be open.  In fact, one might ever argue with more experience, he should progress as a route runner. That’s the best part of his game, and that’s the best fit for the Patriots system. The way Bill loves the spread the ball, this is perfect. Like I’ve said before, spectacular play’s (with the exception of 07) is not the Boston way. It’s all about systematic methodology. And now with Moss gone and Ocho in, that’s now one more guy a defense has to be worried about in the middle of the field, which is a nightmare for coverage and matchups. I can’t wait to see what the Pats can do with Ocho and Branch as the end receivers, the Gronkernandez tight ends, and Welker in the slot.  5WR shotgun formations are gonna be killer. Guaranteed open man every play. The way i see it, it wont even matter if the Jets pick up Nnamdi asomugha, because him and Revis are just two people. theyre still going to have to worry about welker and 2 of the linebackers covering hernandez, who is pretty much a WR, and Gronk.  Mismatches left and right.


Furthermore, Belichick has had four more years of coaching under his belt.  Let’s be real.  16-0 was great.  Great coaching performance.  But it wasn’t all that challenging–easy to call “X do whatever Y shallow cross Moss go deep” every other play.  But last year was a better coaching year.   14-2 with considerably less talent.  A better system for creating wide open men, relying more on strategy and less on talent.  Over this past half-decade or so, Belichick has really transitioned from a defensive guru to an offensive strategy mastermind as the NFL has morphed into such a quarterback reliant pass happy league.


Gonna work out for sure.  By the way, having a computer and desk at work is really convenient and conducive to this blog, but not conducive to me adding pictures and videos and random shit.  Or to my writing, which is suffering because every half a sentence i have to switch away from this and make it look like Im working when my boss walks by.  So bear with the poor structure.  I cant keep a thought. I might just start posting again,  then probably stop when college starts again, of course.

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