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Since Mike Vick went to jail…

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This is what dogs have been up to

What’s up world

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Sup everyone?  My name’s Andrew Ju, and I’m currently a freshman at Boston University.  I’m aspiring to become a sports journalist/broadcaster/something of that sort, and there could be no better way for me to start than to create a blog.  I will mostly write about sports, although you shouldn’t  be alarmed if I throw in something unrelated.  Growing up around Boston has spoiled me with the luxury of being a fan of the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins, and seeing these beloved teams (well, not the Bruins, yet) rack up rings and more rings.  Anyway, this is new to me and I will surely be maturing as a blogger and writer as my experience stacks up, so if you’re uninterested with my first few posts I encourage you to stick around.  Hope you all find my stuff interesting… here goes nothing…